Chantereyne Cherbourg marina


History of the marina of Cherbourg

Cherbourg beach and place Napoléon before the construction of the marina


Key dates since the start of the construction of Port Chantereyne

⇒  1975 : Construction of the first section of Port Chantereyne with 613 berths

⇒  1976-77: Construction of the marina office, of the Yacht Club and of the shops adjacent to the marina office                                                                        

⇒  1987: Destruction of the marina office by a storm

⇒  1988: Reconstruction of the marina and increase to the number of berths to 936

⇒  1992 : Construction of the second section of the marina for a total of 1 275 berths

⇒  2001: Creation of dedicated moorings for pleasure vessels in the bassin du commerce

⇒  2007: Renovation and extension of the pontoons located Quai de Caligny (256 berths)

⇒  2009: Development of the port de l'Epi dedicated to traditionnal vessels